strEAM+ is an Asset Performance Management software suite developed by MaxGrip, the global business partner for asset-intensive organizations. Fully embedded into IBM Maximo, strEAM+ predicts risks and prevents failures, helping you to maximize uptie and get the most out of your capital assets. Getting a maximum grip on asset performance is finally within easy reach.

strEAM+ predicts risks and prevents failures, helping you to maximize uptie and get the most out of your assets.

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Advantages & Differentiators of strEAM+

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  • Scalability – strEAM+ is the only Asset Performance Management (APM) software in the market that can be both a standalone solution, as well as a fully embedded solution inside your IBM Maximo EAM (meaning no change to your existing IT infrastructure).
  • A fully embedded solution implies one single source of data which provides real-time information, direct insight into workflow management, and a standardization of user interface. Coupled with its rapid deployment as well as a ROI of less than 12 months, strEAM+ is the next generation APM solution.
  • strEAM+ is capable of providing a full suite of APM solution:

✓   Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), aligning to SAE JA 1012 – RCM allows you optimize your maintenance plans for E&I equipment and rotating equipment, and enables you to optimize your spare parts

✓   Risk Based Inspection (RBI), meeting all API 510, 570, 580 standards, as well as certified by Lloyd’s Register and is 3rd party certified – RBI allows you to optimize your inspection plans for static equipment, piping, and vessels

 Compliance Manager – Health, Safety and Environmental module to ensure compliance to global and local standards, by keeping track of critical work orders with built in processes, based on the Swiss cheese model

   Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – RCA allows you to identify and eliminate your bad actors

 Simulation – Enables scenario analysis coupled with ability to optimize Maintenance Plans for the long term, driving predictive modelling

  • strEAM+ solutions are directly linked to your business risks and objectives, allowing you to target critical issues first, based on the law of vital few
  • strEAM+ solution is in line with ISO 55000/PAS 55 Asset Management standards, putting you in the driver’s seat to be in control of your assets, and ensuring continuous improvement through the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle
  • strEAM+ solution contains a library functionality for rapid solution deployment. The Oil & Gas library is compliant to ISO 14224 standards. It includes Equipment Failure behaviour (Function, Functional Failure, Failure Modes and Causes, Failure Mechanism, MTTF and MTTR), Maintenance routines (Maintenance Actions, Mitigation Strategy, Task List), and Inspection and Degradation Models for RBI
  • The Oil & Gas library is built based on industry best practices (i.e. OREDA, O&G supermajor library) and close to 20 years of MaxGrip projects experience). It can further be tailored to suit local legislations as well as company polices
  • strEAM+ contains built in reports that allows you to track your KPIs inside the system. KPIs include both leading and lagging.
  • strEAM+ has preconfigured RBI models compliant to API 580 and 581 principles. Approach taken is semi-quantitative, with the ability to qualitatively assign consequence and probability.
  • For strEAM+ RBI

   Solution from partnership with Lloyd’s Register, one of the world’s largest inspection and certification companies in the world providing RBI solution

 Ability to configure new damage mechanisms for the RBI model and resulting Inspection Mitigations, with integrated inspection strategies that can be easily modified by the end user to represent client as well as regulatory requirements

 Providing for a what-if-risk analysis including the ability to explore future risk projections based on, individual asset, corrosion loop, system, process unit as well as to show total risk of an organization, plant, unit, or system by generating cumulative risk curves showing the current and projected risk reduction targets by individual asset, system, process unit, and plant site

 Provide for an integral inspection data management system, inclusive of Coupons, Probes, Visuals, Relief Tests, and Thickness data

   Store and compute corrosion monitoring data for minimum thickness, short and long term corrosion rates and remaining life in accordance with original code of design and API 579 level 1 assessment

  • MaxGrip, the provider of strEAM+, has close to 20 years of experience providing software and consultancy services to the Oil & Gas industry. MaxGrip has worked closely with many of the O&G supermajor, providing RCM and RBI solutions
  • Perhaps, the most unique strength of MaxGrip is the ability to combine both software and services into one complete solution suite – APM software, APM consultancy, APM training, APM certification, APM Strategy, APM Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence