IBM Maximo Solutions for Transportation


Maximo for Transportation is an extension to Maximo Asset Management, offering industry specific capabilities that address the needs of transportation organizations.  Maximo Asset Configuration Manager provides further depth to aviation organizations, with capabilities for Configuration Management, Component Life Accounting and Operational Status Management.  Maximo for Transportation and Maximo Asset Configuration Manager can also be implemented with IBM solutions for document management.

Maximo allows organizations to manage more than vessels and aircraft, providing the capabilities to track and manage all assets critical to the performance of the business at optimal performance levels.

This can include anything from aircraft to repair equipment; hangars, terminals and office buildings, fleets of mobile assets, such as refueling, repair and delivery vehicles; and IT equipment from mobile devices to servers.  And Maximo Asset Management goes beyond assets, allowing organizations to manage service contracts, including third party maintenance facilities, with a single solution.

By providing a single repository for all asset-related information, Maximo Asset Management solutions provides organizations the ability to view and manage asset performance from a corporate perspective.  By managing critical assets more closely, companies in the transportation industry can improve the uptime of critical revenue-generating assets, reduce the costs of acquiring, maintaining and even disposing of those assets, and, ultimately, increase shareholder value.