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Vietnam Electricity Power Generation Corporation 3

Synopsis: EVN is the largest electricity in Vietnam. EVN GENCO 3 engages IBM Premier Business Partner Avenue Business Solutions Joint Stock Company to build an asset-management platform using Maximo Asset Management, Websphere Server to enhance control of operations and business processes, optimize vendor, inventory resources and improves the user experience.
Location: Vung Tau City, Viet Nam
Industry: Energy & Utilities

Client Background:

EVN GENCO is established on the basis of reorganization of Thermal Power Limited Phu My and 11 affiliates.

At the time of establishment, EVN GENCO 3 of 4 dependent accounting units of parent company, two subsidiaries with the parent company holds over 50% stake and 5 associates with the parent company owns less 50% of the charter capital. Currently, EVN is managing GENCO3 with 8 power projects.

Business Need:

Operation, repair, maintenance, overhaul, testing, adjustment, renovation, upgrading electrical, mechanical, control, automation of production line phones, work phones, electrical experiments;

Preparation of project investment and construction, project management consulting, project management of the construction works, consultancy and supervision of construction and installation works; consulting producer preparatory activities for the power plants:

  –  Manage the work patterns and prompt help scheduling daily work for operating & maintenance department.

  –  Management of technical specifications, origin, history, location, equipment life and materials, related spare parts.

  –  Management and statistical materials in the warehouse, storage condition.

  –  Manage and monitor the allocation of materials, tools and supplies.

  –  Manage the planning process, expected, supply of materials.

  –  Manage contract, purchasing, inventory.

  –  Integration with financial systems accounting software (SAP B1) for cost planning and administration costs involved.


Set-up, configuration and installation of Maximo system.

  • Full data population, sanitation and verification of equipment, spare parts, inventory items and vendors information.
  • Equipment location hierarchy build up and spare part linkage.
  • Implemented 25 license.
  • Development of over 20 customized reports.
  • Development of over 20 specific screens.
  • Procurement centralization.
  • Implementation of Workflows.
  • Project team training.
  • IT and Admin training.
  • User community training.
  • Customized training.

Benefits of the Solution:

  • Central system for asset management.
  • Optimize maintenance processes.
  • Manage supply chain.
  • Provide management reports for continuous improvement.
  • Maximo is fully used for asset tracking, work management, inventory and purchasing (including non-maintenance purchasing)
  • Growing Maximo for other plants in the future.