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PetroVietnam Power Corporation (PV Power)

Synopsis: PV Power is one of the largest power corporations in Vietnam, a member of PetroVietnam, operating many power plants. PV Power engages IBM Premier Business Partner Avenue Business Solutions Joint Stock Company to build an asset-management platform using Maximo Asset Management, Websphere Server to enhance control of operations and business processes, optimize vendor, inventory resources and improves the user experience..
Location: Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Industry: Energy & Utilities

Client Background:

PV Power is a member of PetroVietnam, based in Hanoi, Viet Nam. Their core business activities include manufacturing and trading electricity, operating power plants (hydropower, thermal power, wind power).

Business Need:

Advising on solutions in order to improve power plant performance, solutions to energy saving, new energy, renewable energy. Working out plans to optimize power generating efficiency of power plants. Forming and developing centers for inspecting, adjusting measuring instruments that accord to international standards and are licensed to conduct inspections and measurement, control stamping. Executing construction and installation of transformer stations, transmission power lines, electrical networks, automatic control measurement system, water treatment system for industrial, civil, electric power projects.

  –   Manage the work patterns and prompt help scheduling daily work for operating & maintenance department.

  –   Management of technical specifications, origin, history, location, equipment life and materials, related spare parts.

  –   Management and statistical materials in the warehouse, storage condition.

  –   Manage and monitor the allocation of materials, tools and supplies.

  –   Manage the planning process, expected, supply of materials.

  –   Integration with financial systems accounting software (SAP B1) for cost planning and administration costs involved.


BThe project expanded the Maximo Asset Management System version 7.1 which was already implemented for 3 plants: PetroVietnam Power’s Ca Mau 1, Ca Mau 2 (operation in 2008, total capacity of 1,500 MW, main equipment supplied by Siemens), and Nhon Trach 1 (operation in 2009, total capacity of 500 MW, main equipment supplied by Alstom). The expansion included purchasing additional 73 licenses and 04 Maximo Inventory Mobile licenses.

The scope of services included:

  • Asset Management.
  • Work Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Purchasing Management.
  • Contract Management.

  –   Re-engineering Work Management processes for Ca Mau 1 and Ca Mau 2 plants.

  –   Design the Work Management processes for Nhon Trach 1 plant.

  –   Design the Procurement processes for PV Power corporation which cover Headquarter, Ca Mau 1, Ca Mau 2, and Nhon Trach 1

Benefits of the Solution:

After the Work Management processes were re-engineereed, Ca Mau 1 and Ca Mau 2 power plants saw significant improvement in process efficiency and Nhon Trach 1 power plant was able to automate and significantly realized benefits in the Work Management, Inventory Management and Procurement areas.
PV Power Headquarter expressed the appreciation in the great improvement in transparency of the Procurement processes and in reduced time to process Purchase Requests from children companies. Before the system is implemented, Purchase Requests in paper forms usually took weeks or months to transmit forth and back due to geographical separation of plants and Headquarter. With the process implemented in Maximo, the transmittal delay is virtually eliminated.